About Us

What do you want to know? We are a really exclusive and tiny brewery in Dallas, Texas (that means it is one dude brewing at home for pleasure not sales), longing for the sales and capital to justify growing like some of our local bigger brothers. We make really good beer. That said, you probably can't find it yet anywhere near you. We like to say "you have to know a guy" like the old speakeasy type of secrecy.

Want to try some of our beers? They are only available in our tasting room (my house) and through private events. But we're sure you'll like them. Pretty much everyone likes at least one of them (and it is likely Texas Firewater).

And while most of this site is written in the royal "We" point of view, it's really just me, one guy, who has been brewing beer for almost 20 years. At this point I have brewed well over 300 batches of beer and most of the ones considered staples or seasonals have been brewed anywhere from five to ten times each to finalize the recipes.

Blue Shadow Brewing Company is what happens when you brew beer as long as I have, and your friends encourage you to start a brewery, but you don't have any capital to do so, so instead you create a website about your home brewery and start selling merchandise instead of beer because you are a home brewery and not a licensed production facility.