All of our beers are honestly seasonal, since we have extremely limited production (no, you can't have any). But we do have some beers slated on the Year-Rounder list and some that are still more seasonal than others. Tell us what your favorite is!

Ever want to just roll down the highway, crank up the tailgate and have a nice brown ale? 35E Southbound Brown is that beer. Cook up the brats and crack open a brown.

HOPS IN YOUR FACE. ALCOHOL IN YOUR FACE. CAPS LOCK IN YOUR FACE. Our IPA IPA punches you like an email written in ALL CAPS for that amazing shouting at you for no good reason effect that we all want.

Like the mist rising off the San Francisco Bay, the serpent rises up to pop you in the mouth. California common ale with a good bit of hop flavor to give you that easy spring and summer thirst quenching, or whenever you need to relax by the bay.

Quite the goblin of Scottish ales, the Wee Bauchan packs a punch. Drink two and you might start to become such a beast. Super sweet malty aroma with cotton candy, caramel, and smoky peat hiding underneath just like the Bauchan in the shadows.

Want something spicy? Texas Firewater Hand-Picked Jalapeno Pale Ale (and the occasional Southwest Firewater Hatch Chile Variant) are just your thing.

Black as night, this dark IPA (or Cascadian Dark Ale, or whatever other name you want to attribute to the style) provides a powerpunch of hops with lights-out roasted malt.

How about an Irish Red?

We haven't listed anything here yet, but we will get around to adding all the old stuff we don't make anymore.