Friday, April 24, 2020

Quarantina the Ballerina Mandarina

So yeah, we're all in this stay-at-home order and working and living in our houses, without the ability to leave. But for those of us brewing at home, we can still make beer!

Sometimes ordering grain in bulk though does have a tendency to reduce your options when it comes to tossing in an ounce or two of specialty grains here and there if you don't have a great way to store the excess (though I do have a scale I could use). Hence, simpler grain bills.

If you are unfamiliar with grain bills, just consider it the grain recipe for a beer.

So what to make while locked here at home, you ask? I needed something with a simple and straightforward grain purchase that I could do in nice even pound units. An IPA of course!

Now I've already got the IPA IPA standard in there that is a Cascade-driven Imperial beer with a lot of punch, and there's the hazy and black IPAs as well, but I wanted to make something bright and crisp for springtime, and I have had a name floating in my head for quite some time anyway.

Enter Princess Mandarina Ballerina. Why Princess? Why Ballerina? Maybe it's an homage to living in a house with multiple girls. Maybe it just rhymed. But whatever the reason, I knew the concept for the beer I wanted and designed it as such.

Simple grain bill. Prominently featuring Citra and Mandarina hops for a bright citrus and orange flavor. Will keep you posted how it goes.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Support your local breweries.